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Brandon Area Law Firm

Keys & Coakley is a law firm located in Brandon, Florida that focuses on injury cases that include automobile accidents, wrongful death, negligent security claims, and more. Here, we are committed to serving your attorney needs with integrity.


Automobile Accidents

Car accidents can be extremely disrupting and distressing events in your life. Issues can arise with the repair or replacement of your vehicle, care and rehabilitation of your injuries,..

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents frequently result in significant injuries, or loss of life. As a long-time motorcycle rider, I am familiar with our seeming invisibility to inattentive drivers. Make no mistake, while motorcycle riders are...

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents pose unique problems and questions. The trucking industry is subject to numerous safety regulations that are not always followed. A couple of examples are a limitation on consecutive hours of...

Bicycle vs. Car Accidents

Bicycle accidents are something Mr. Coakley has experienced himself. While training for an Ironman Triathlon Mr. Coakley was involved in a bike accident. We understand a bicyclist's right to be on the road and a driver's responsibility to respect that right...

Slip and Fall Accidents

Falling and injuring yourself in a place of business does not always entitle you to seek compensation from that place of business. The business must have done something that places some, or all, of the responsibility on the business. Many times that is obvious, such as failure to repair a roof...


When you consult our firm, you will meet with a lawyer and have access to your attorney throughout your case. We are small enough to maintain the personal touch that is so often lost in today’s busy world, but we are experienced enough to navigate your claim in an efficient and effective manner.


For an attorney, you can rely on, look no further than Keys & Coakley. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for you and schedule your appointment with us, be sure to contact our law office today.

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